As I mentioned, the next Transimission will consist of 10 of my most recent favorite songs to travel with.
Traveling and music has always gone hand in hand since I had my very first Walkman and I was able to drift away in the back seat of my parents’ mini-van to any sonic adventure of my choosing.
I had dubbed a cassette of this X-Files Compilation from the lunch lady at my grade school. She thought I’d appreciate it since I stood in line quite frequently with my X-Files T-shirt
To say the least, it was probably the first alternative music I had ever heard and also was a bridge from that period in time when you start to move away from listening to stuff your parents showed you.
I would listen to this tape on road trips constantly and mostly drifted towards The Foo Fighters cover of Down In The Park (embarrassingly, also my first introduction to Numan).
My love for the Foo Fighters as an inspiration would further solidify when Andrew Eschweiler traded me his self-titled album for this X-Files Comp as we rode in a van with some other kids to “leadership camp”.  That first record is a huge cornerstone in why I love music and why I write music.
So without much more digression, here’s a link to Down In The Park.

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