ALBUM REVIEW: adoptahighway ‘A Fault’

459737_10150832806664773_859698772_ophoto credit: Cengiz Yar


I was fortunate enough to catch Barry Clark’s first live performance as a solo artist under the moniker adoptahighway at the Cactus Club for Arte Para Todos and to say the least, it was brilliant.

adoptahighway’s A Fault (released in 2015) explores all the magnificent layers and textures that overwhelmed and captivated me with Clark’s live performance.

Setting itself apart from much of the other electronic based music I’ve heard lately, you can tell Clark has an incomparable ear for composition.  A Fault is fluid, it is dreamlike and it sweeps you off your feet.

Clocking in with brevity at around 30 minutes, each track smartly sets moods and eases exits with grace before ever overstaying their welcome.

Just take ‘Desperation for example.  Featuring a lovely melody on keys, it’s easy to get lost as the composition starts to slip away into other lucid textures: a singular sustained and distorted bass note, some light plucking of strings and a heavily delayed Clark on vocals.

Qualmness is the only track that fits a verse/chorus/verse mold featuring a direct, and welcomed, vocal performance from Clark.  Seeing this track performed live had a great deal of power behind it as Clark delivered each word with an ushered intensity.

There’s an exciting amount of exploration with sound and texture, packaging A Fault up in a great deal of sophistication.  Various time signatures are explored with many of the rhythmical elements introduced throughout the album and there is an admirable polish to each of the tones Clark utilizes to build his soundscapes.  One can tell each note was added thoughtfully with love and respect for the mood and other voices each song carries.

A necessary release for any collection, please purchase adoptahighway’s A Fault digitally or on limited lavender wax through Bandcamp.

Follow adopahighway on Facebook for more information and current news.

adoptahighway’s next performance is Thursday, May 19th at Company Brewing with Dave Miller and Marielle Allschwang.  The show starts at 9:30PM and has a $5 cover.

If you are in a band and have an album that you would like me to consider reviewing, please send a link to  I would love to hear from you!


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